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What is Comprehensive Ranking System?

CRS is a method to rank eligible candidates who would like to become permanent residents of Canada. It allots score points to a Canada PR Visa applicant on basis of certain criteria. The CRS will give points for those acquiring PR Visa through Express Entry Program. There are four major sections under which you can score points. Those who are applying with an accompanying spouse / common- law partner have their alloted points divided into unequal portions. This means that the spouse is alloted not half but few of the points they have to score. The factors on which the Comprehensive Ranking System points are alloted are listed below:

I. Core Human Capital
II. Spouse / Common Law Partner 
III. Skill Transferability 
IV. Provincial Nomination, Job Offer in Canada, Canadian Study, Sibling in Canada, French Language Skills. 

NOTE: There were changes in the Canada PR Immigration Comprehensive Ranking System effective June 6, 2017.

Under the Comprehensive Ranking System there are total 1,200 points alloted under various sections. Here is a detailed breakdown of the same:-

Single candidates (Without Spouse/ Common- law partner)

Human Capital Factors – Max 500 points alloted (you can score a maximum of 500 points here).
(Age, Education, Canada Study, 1st Official Language, 2nd Official Language, Canadian Work Exp).

Skill Transferability Factors - Max 100 points alloted.
(Education & Foreign Work Experience) each of these are further sub – categorized into
(a) Official Language Proficiency & Education
(b) Canadian Work Experience & Education

Additional Factors – Max 600 points alloted
(Provincial Nomination, Job Offer, Canadian Study Experience,  Sibling Residing In Canada, French Language Ability).

Point Breakdown for Candidates with Accompanying Spouse/ Common-law partner

Human Capital Factors – 
Primary / principal applicant - Max 460 points alloted / can be scored.
Spouse/ Common-law partner – Max 40 points for accompanying person’s human core factors.

Skill Transferability Factors- Max 100 points alloted (5 - Sections / Each 50 Points)
However, you can score maximum 100 Points even if you actually score higher. Moreover, primary applicant with spouse / common- law partner OR without accompanying partner will score the same in Skill Transferability. The accompanying spouse / common- law partner do not score points here for Canada PR Visa.

Additional Factors – Max 600 points alloted
(Provincial Nomination, Job Offer, Canadian Study Experience,  Sibling Residing In Canada, French Language Ability).

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Canada PR Visa Consultants in Hyderabad

What is Canada Express Entry - Canada PR Visa

Canada has come up with 60 Immigration Programs. This is because there are several people from all walks of life who want to immigrate to Canada. Students, working professionals, families and individuals – everyone wants to go to Canada. This specific program known as Canada Express Entry calculates points. In other words it is an electronic system designed in such a way to call upon the Canada PR Visa applications. It is designed to make a transparent decision and allot points to the eligible candidates based on applicant’s criteria like age, work experience, Education, and other factors. You may read about this in detail in the section ‘Express Entry Calculator Points.’

The interested candidates who would like to move to Canada as Permanent Residents should fulfill the required criteria. There is a minimum points of 67 to score by the point-based selection system. After scoring the required minimum points, the applicants are into the Expression of Interest. In other words they automatically have a profile with the Canada Express Entry.  Upon review and approval by CIC the aspiring immigrant’s application is then directed to the pool of applicants.

What does the Pool Contain?

This pool of aspiring Canada PR Visa applicants contains all of their applications from all over the world. Based on the  Comprehensive Ranking System Points. At regular periods, the CIC conducts draws. The lucky applicants with highest CRS score and picked up. They are issued an invitation to apply for Canada PR Visa.

What is Canada PR Visa Invitation? 

When the candidate who has entered all updated details meets the required criteria, he/ she is extended an  Invitation. This invitation means that they have fulfilled the criteria to permanently reside in Canada. Hence, he/ she is welcome for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa.

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Canada PR Visa Eligibility Points

Canada PR Visa
                     Canada Quebec Immigration Visa - All you need to know about QSWP

Regular Skilled Worker Program / Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec Immigration Visa has its own selection system for the aspiring immigrants who would like to settle down in Canada within the province of Quebec. The Canada PR Visa applicants to the region of Montreal or any other region in Quebec's province are under different assessment system. The other aspiring immigrants to other provinces of Canada come under different assessment system. This program is specifically designed in a way that points out likely applicants who get financially stable once they move over to the province of Quebec.

In the years to come Canada is likely to increase the number of immigrants through various family sponsorship programs and economic programs. The MIDI is Canada's Quebec Provincial government
that oversees Immigration to Quebec province. The MIDI earlier announced that 5000 new applications will be received under the QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program). This is during an intake phase prior to March 31, 2018. Note: - The particular dates are yet to be announced so please be open to new Canada PR Visa / Immigration updates.

Who Qualifies for QSWP? What is the Eligibility for QSWP?

Quebec Skilled Worker Eligibility

A Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) is issued to successful applicants under Regular Skilled Worker Program. Then the Canadian PR Visa / Canada Immigration Visa follows. The applicant to the Regular Skilled Worker Program is differently assessed than other Federal Skilled Worker Class applicants. This is done after successful medical checks and criminality checks on applicants are concluded. The Government of Canada/ Canadian Federal Immigration issues the Permanent Residence Visas to the successful applicants acknowledging the province of Quebec’s selection of applicants.

Who Qualifies for CSQ?

Thee interested applicant has to score sufficient /required points under the  Quebec Immigration Selection System. As mentioned earlier Canada’s Quebec Province has its own selection system for aspiring immigrants to this region. The minimum point score under the    Quebec Immigration Selection System for an unmarried applicant is 50. The minimum point score under the  Quebec Immigration Selection System for a married applicant/ applicant with accompanying common-law partner is 59.

Quebec Immigration Selection Factors

There are several factors up on which an aspiring immigrant to the province of Canada is scored on in the Quebec Immigration Selection System. This includes Age, Education, Work Experience,  Area of Training, Language Proficiency, Employment Offer, Stay & Family living/ residing in Quebec. It also includes the Characteristics of Spouse or Common Law Partner,  Accompanying Children Present & Sufficient Funds.

The points are Allotted on the above factors in the following manner:

Up to 14 points(Cutoff Score = 2 points)
Work Experience
Up to 8 points
Validated Employment Offer         
Up to 10 points
Area of Training
Up to 12 points
Up to 16 points
Language Proficiency          
Up to 22 points
Stay And Family In Quebec
Up to 8 points
Spouse/Common-law partner Characteristics
Up to 17 points
Presence Of Accompanying Children
Up to 8 points
Financial Self-Sufficiency
1 point

An aspiring immigrant under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program must be victorious in all medical and security exams for successful Canada PR Visa Consultants.

Canada PR Immigration Visa Consultants

Canada PR Visa immigration through eligible express entry occupation list

Canada PR Visa – A Summary on Immigration Opportunities

Canada is in the forefront among the countries that are offering immigration policies for those interested to immigrate to contribute to the growth of the host countries or economies.  The Canada Express Entry has ushered in a new wave of immigration rush of skilled workers and employees to Canada and its provinces.

Through the new system of express entry – the Canadian government is choosing skilled immigrants for entry into the country with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) playing an active role in choosing people it would like to invite into the country from a pool of aspirants competing within them to be in the selected batch of qualified candidates.

Express Entry Occupation List – A Brief Overview

According to reputed Canada PR Visa Consultants in Hyderabad – to apply as a skilled worker through the Express Entry candidates are selected based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) with the key purpose of objective is to give control over the selection of prospective migrants under the skilled workers category to Canadian government through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The key salient features of ‘Canada Express Entry System/Program includes-

The candidates selected under the Canada Express Entry System are granted permanent residence status and they are not required to compete against occupational ceilings.

The Canada Express Entry Program through an online platform allows the aspiring applicants to create online profiles free of charge that can be retained for a period of one year otherwise they need to resubmit their profiles.

Before initiating a profile creation process, the candidate must negotiate a preliminary process such as getting their academic accomplishments assessed through a designated evaluation body of Canada such as WES; write an approved language test to evidence their linguistic skills in English or French etc.

Applying under the skilled worker program, the candidate has three options-

The candidate has one-year experience in one of the 50 occupations declared by the CIC in addition to meeting the minimum 67 points requirement.

If not listed under the 50 occupations – the candidate can have a Canadian company give him or her job offer verified by HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada) .

The candidate has another option to apply under the Provincial Nominee Programs in one province in Canada with a much shorter period. Such an option requires the prospective immigrant to get a job offer from a Canadian company in addition to language test results.

The list of 50 eligible occupations for 2017 skilled workers is shown in table format herein below-

National Occupational Classification (NOC)

Senior government managers and officials
Senior managers – financial, communications and other business services
Senior managers – health, education, social and community services and membership organizations
Senior managers – trade, broadcasting and other services, n.e.c.
Senior managers – construction, transportation, production and utilities
Financial managers
Human resources managers
Purchasing managers
Other administrative services managers
Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers
Banking, credit and other investment managers
Advertising, marketing and public relations managers
Other business services managers
Telecommunication carriers managers
Postal and courier services managers
Engineering managers
Architecture and science managers
Computer and information systems managers
Managers in health care
Government managers – health and social policy development and program administration
Government managers – economic analysis, policy development and program administration
Government managers – education policy development and program administration
Other managers in public administration
Administrators – post-secondary education and vocational training
School principals and administrators of elementary and secondary education
Managers in social, community and correctional services
Commissioned police officers
Fire chiefs and senior firefighting officers
Commissioned officers of the Canadian Forces
Library, archive, museum and art gallery managers
Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts
Recreation, sports and fitness program and service directors
Corporate sales managers
Retail and wholesale trade managers
Restaurant and food service managers
Accommodation service managers
Managers in customer and personal services
Construction managers
Home building and renovation managers
Facility operation and maintenance managers
Managers in transportation
Managers in natural resources production and fishing
Managers in agriculture
Managers in horticulture
Managers in aquaculture
Manufacturing managers
Utilities managers

For more details on the Occupation List – the prospective immigrant/skilled worker can contact a reputed Canada PR Visa Consultants, Hyderabad.

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