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Canada PR Visa, Canada is a strong economy with well-educated and skilled workforce thereby attracting global companies or Multi-national Corporate to its shores in order to expand and explore their businesses. The vibrant industry clusters spread across the length and breadth of Canadian provinces are offering unique advantages for establishing businesses across sectors by entrepreneurs and startups.

The best Canada Immigration Visa Consultants in Hyderabad opines that depending on the concerned entrepreneurs or investors’ net worth, ability and willingness to invest in Canada, their managerial skills and business acumen investing in Canada may evolve as a route to permanent residence in Canada with Canada PR Visa.

For those who are looking to make an investment in the Canadian economy or in certain provinces of Canada certain Canadian provinces such as Quebec under the Quebec Investor program offers some enticing options.

As per the Quebec Investor Program – the concerned investor’s capital is invested in 5 year zero interest rates with the government guaranteed Quebec term note that supports Quebec based businesses creating jobs and fostering economic growth. The investors can secure Canadian PR Visa in 12 to 15 months. At the completion of 5 years, the investment is returned back in full to the concerned investor or entrepreneur.

As per the Canada Immigration Visa Consultants, – the Canadian government selects the immigrants for the Canada Investor Visa Program based on -

  • ·         Their ability to become economically established in Canada
  • ·         Ability to contribute to the development of Canadian economy
  • ·         Submit proof of his/her legally obtained personal net worth of at least $1,60,000 CAD (Canadian Dollar)
  • ·         Provide proof of minimum two years of business experience.
  • ·         The investor should be able to make a minimum investment of $800,000 CAD to Canada.
  • ·         The prospective investor should demonstrate or prove that he or she has sufficient funds to support his or her family or dependents after his/her arrival in Canada.

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