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The pathway to Canada PR Visa Consultants
Canada is the most preferred nation for Indians when it comes to seeking PR Visa. Thousands of individuals from Indian are lured by Canada’s flexible immigration policies, democratic values, cultural multiplicity, career opportunities, and Indian communities and prompted to apply for Canada PR Visa.
What is Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

A PR Visa Holder in Canada is the one who is not a Canadian citizen, still is accorded the privilege of the Permanent Resident Status after immigrating to Canada.
Students or alien workers who are living in Canada for the time being cannot be called the permanent residents. PR card holders need to produce their cards once they return to Canada after exiting the country.
Canada PR Visa - categories
Canada Permanent Residence is classified into different permanent resident categories viz., the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Provincial Nominee Program, and the Canadian Experience Class.  Some of the mentioned categories may necessitate eligible Canadian work experience. If one desires to work in Canada after completion of graduation, one can seek a work permit under the Post - Graduation Work Permit Program.
Key benefits of obtaining Canada PR Visa
One enjoys a host of benefits like:
One can live, study or take up employment anywhere in Canada
Eligibility for Canadian citizenship
Health care facilities and social benefits on par with Canadian citizens
Safeguarded under Canadian laws and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Insurance advantage
Individual gets 10-month employment insurance in the event of losing a job
Exemption from tuition fee for studies
Can establish business
By virtue of being Canadian resident, one can visit 150 plus countries without any Visa
Parental paid vacation for a period of 10 months
Old age security of CAD $ 1000 after completing 65 years of age
Individual raises to the level of sponsoring friends, family to visit Canada
There are scores of Canada PR Visa Consultants in Hyderabad. They have highly qualified and well - experienced Immigration experts who lend guidance to visa aspirants by way of visa preparation. In the first step, Canada PR Visa consultants in Hyderabad interview visa seekers.
In the second round, Canada PR Consultants in Hyderabad collect case documents from visa aspirants and make an initial assessment whether their profiles could match the guidelines stipulated by the Canadian Embassy. Visa experts make an in-depth evaluation of the profiles of candidates as per the migration criteria of Canada and illustrate the best possibilities for the Canadian Visa.
Process Time for the Canada PR Visa
Visa experts employed by the Canada PR Consultants in Hyderabad prepare an evaluation report detailing the candidates step-wise such as:
Total number of points scored by candidates (67 are the minimum points to qualify)
Likelihood of obtaining the Visa based on candidates’ profiles
Job prospects across all sectors
Total process time and expenses involved in securing the PR

Although processing time for Canada PR Visa could be approximately 8 to 12 months depending on documentation of candidates.

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