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Canada PR Visa Immigration has come up with 60 immigration programs. Canada is one of the countries that has a point-based selection system for aspiring PR Visa applicants. Out of these programs there is one that is gaining popularity. This is known as the Express Entry Program.  There is a point based value to the score. Once you secure a number of points there are chances for you to qualify for the Express Entry Program.

What is Express Entry Points System?

Points are alloted on the candidates profile and basic details like age, work experience, educational qualification, language ability, etc. There are four sections in total where you can score points. These are further sub – categorized. Points are alloted for each sub category where you can score based on your profile. After scoring the minimum points the aspiring immigrant is eligible for the Canada PR Visa invitation.

There are several people applying for the Express Entry Program. From All candidates who score the points in thee Express Entry Pool those who score the highest are given priority.  This is when receiving an invitation to apply for a Permanent Residence Visa from the Express Entry pool. This is to select most deserving aspiring immigrants through the point based selection system.

Express Entry Calculator Points

The Comprehensive Ranking System Formula decides whether you are eligible to apply from the express entry pool or not. This is the closest breakdown under which the points are given: -

Note: - This is the closest description of what are the calculating parameters to score points on the Express Entry Program presently. However, if there are changes this may also be updated while  applying for the Canada PR Visa.

The total or maximum points that an Express Entry aspiring applicant can score is out of 1200 points.
Presently there are 163 candidates who are in the highest pool – (1000-1200 )
This will change as and when new Canada PR Visa applicants score higher.

There are three sections that determine Express Entry Calculator Points. The sub- total of these three sections is added to the fourth section. This gives you the grand total.

Core/Human Capital
Spouse Factors
Skill Transferability

They are further categorized as given below:

I. Core/Human Capital:

Education Level
Study in Canada
Official Languages
First Official Language
Second Official Language
Canada Work Experience

II. Spouse Factors

Level of Education
First Official Languages
Canadian Work Experience

III. Skill Transferability Factors

A) Education

Official Language proficiency and education
Canadian work experience and education

B) Foreign Work Experience

Official Language Proficiency and Foreign Work Experience
Canadian and Foreign Work Experience

Comprehensive Ranking System Formula

Subtotal Core/Human Capital + Spouse Factors + Skill Transferability + 

Provincial nomination
Job offer
Study in Canada
Sibling in Canada
French-language skills

Subtotal of (Core/Human capital + Spouse factors + Skill transferability) + (Subtotal Additional Points) makes up the Grand total that qualifies you for the Express Entry Pool.


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