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Canada PR Visa, Canada is a wonderful tourist destination for worldwide tourists with millions of tourists, workers, executives, and students. A visitor is usually defined as the person who lawfully comes to Canada or seeks to come to Canada as a temporary visitor or for purposes such as to work, study or on a visit as a tourist.

According to Canada PR Visa Consultants, every visitor unless exempted must apply for and obtain a visa before appearing at a Port of Entry or POE. Therefore, it is necessary for all the visitors or tourists who are required to obtain a visa must be in possession Canada visit visa when they appear/visit at a Port of Entry.
As per the new Canada PR Visa policy as on from November 10, 2016 all air travelers from visa exempt countries require an Electronic Travel Authorization or (eTA) before they board the flight. These visitors also include those who are transiting through Canada and only include travelers arriving by air.

The process or steps required for getting Canadian Visitor Visa – An Overview

The first step for getting Canadian Visitor Visa starts from the day when a foreign national submits a visit visa application to respective Canadian Visa office in the country or region where he or she resides. The concerned foreign national at the time of application need to attend an interview where the visa officer will verify the applicant’s reasons for visiting Canada with Canada PR Visa and the visitor’s choice of leaving Canada within the expiry date of the visa. The second step involves the issuing of the visit visa in case the Canada Visa Office is fully satisfied with the applicant’s answers and verification process. At the port of entry, an immigration officer will question the applicant to ensure the admissibility of the concerned foreign national.  The incumbent visitors or tourists can apply for tourist visa either online or in offline mode with guidance from Canada Visit Visa Consultants.

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